Fort Dodge Broadband Assessment

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Fort Dodge Fiber Pre-Feasibility Study

The Fort Dodge City Council has identified improved broadband as essential to the community's future growth and success. To provide the City with the information and tools it needs to improve broadband they have launched a community fiber Pre-Feasibility Study. 

Goals of the Pre-Feasibility Study

1) Educate citizens in the study area about the importance of broadband service for education, health care, quality of life, business, and the economy of Fort Dodge.

2) Engage in discussions with individuals, anchor entities, and leadership groups to identify existing broadband gaps.

3) Conduct a comprehensive survey to measure attitudes about existing providers and gauge interest in a public or private solution to close those gaps.

4) Identify the geographic location of citizens that would be interested in receiving services from a new, fiber-based provider.

5) Gather speed test data from citizens in the study area to measure actual delivered internet speeds, not just advertised speeds.