Fort Dodge Broadband Assessment

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10:32AM July 15, 2019

As part of the City of Fort Dodge Fiber Pre-Feasibility Study, we are asking citizens to participate in a broadband assessment. This online tool allows us to identify the quality of broadband internet connections at the address level in order to help measure possible gaps in broadband coverage in Fort Dodge. 

An important part of the broadband assessment is a SPEED TEST. Our goal is to measure internet speeds at your home or business, not from your cellular device. So, if taking the test from a mobile device (smart phone, iPad, etc.), please make sure it's connected to your home or business WiFi connection. If you are taking the speed test from a laptop or desktop computer it should be connected to your wireless or wired network.

Keep in mind that a single speed test does not always tell the whole story. The quality of your WiFi signal, the time of day, and other factors may affect the speed test results. However, by measuring speeds across the Fort Dodge community we hope to gather a good picture of speed tests by location and by ISP.

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